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Best 100% Virgin Hair Extensions & Lashes in the Bronx!

Best !00% Virgin Hair Extensions & Lashes in the Bronx !

Brazilian Straight Variety Length Package Deal

Brazilian Straight Variety Length Package Deal

Regular price $1,348.99

20-Pack Wholesale Package

The perfect combination of Straight Brazilian bundles, closures, and frontal at an unbeatable wholesale package deal price!

Sew-in Extensions

12″ – 2 Bundles
14″ – 2 Bundles
16″ – 2 Bundles
18″ – 2 Bundles
20″ – 2 Bundles
22″ – 2 Bundles
24″ – 2 Bundles
26″ – 2 Bundles


12″ – 1 Closure
14″ – 1 Closure
16″ – 1 Closure


16″ – 1 Frontal

**No product substitutions

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Very Good Hair!

I wanted to wait until I had the hair in for at least two weeks before I wrote a review, but this hair is amazing

Don't miss out on this hair!!

First, let me say I am not a professional beautician or hair installer of any kind. This is my first time purchasing bundles of hair without my 20 and 23 year old daughters by my side telling me what to get. I did all the research and read all the reviews

Looked just as good as sew ins I've seen people pay more for!

I was really pleased with this hair and the closure. Yes the closure is pretty narrow, but it did the job. I don't know much about sew ins, but I have friends who told me what to look out for and I read a lot of reviews. I have never worn a sew in, only because I have to be able to get directly to my scalp, so therefore, I never really took the time to learn about them.

so I got the hair super soft.

I was so skeptical about buying hair online. I got the hair super soft. .full bundles. stylist loved it and was ordering some for her daughter before I left. ..I will be a return customer

First time purchase is a success!!

This was my first time purchasing from this company and I'm not disappointed at all. I was a little nervous on how the hair would turn out but as soon as I opened the package I was obsessed. The hair is amazingly thicker than I thought and didn't have a smell at all which is a plus. The hair is so soft and definitely isn't fake. The ends aren't as thin as I thought also. They all came in a cute pink baggy with free eyelashes which was cute. The closure is very natural looking since it's a free part but I will be bleaching the knots for a more natural look. I'm so excited to install the hair I'll post pictures once it happens. The only downside is that I found a couple white hairs but nothing crazy. There was one in the closure and one in one bundle. The hair also is an off black with some lighter colored strands which makes it more natural looking. I'll definitely buy from this company again!!!