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Best 100% Virgin Hair Extensions & Lashes in the Bronx!

Best !00% Virgin Hair Extensions & Lashes in the Bronx !

Brazilian Spanish Wave

Brazilian Spanish Wave

Regular price $63.99

Brazilian Spanish Wave Hair Extensions are full length with a slight wave style that can also be curled, straightened and colored to achieve your desired look.

  • Lengths:  12" - 30"
  • Wefts:  Machine Double Stitch
  • Style:  Spanish Wave
  • Weight:  100 grams / 3.5 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I love this hair my first time ordering on Amazon from this company! The price was reasonable and I received the Hair 3 bundles of 18' 20' 22' inches Color black in One day. Very soft and easy to manage No shedding! I was able to make a Headband wig for a client out of the 3 bundles and it was more than enough!!!
I will definitely order from this company again!!!

Quality bundles for a great price

Love the texture and wave pattern of the hair. I bleached it to match my hair and my extensions are perfect. I�d definitely purchase this hair again.

It�s damn good hair

This is my first experience with hair on Amazon & babyyy it will certainly NOT be the last! I�m at a loss of words. Just look at the hair. No problems whatsoever & the hair was soft & easy to sew in. Never had any issues with it tangling or shedding. This is a real review as I will only speak in my truth. It�s worth every penny

I think I�m in love!!

I love this hair because I have a big head lol and I normally have to use 5 bundles to cover my whole head but three bundles was just right! It�s so full, soft and thick that it gives me enough coverage when it�s bushy and when it�s wet! The curls stay defined without gel which is a plus for me because I hate using heavy products. I normally pay 80 dollars for hair that�s mixed with human and synthetic. This hair is inexpensive, all human and I�m for sure it will last me for a good month or too! Definitely worth the buy! You�ll be seeing me again!! Thanks so much!!

Perfect curls

I never purchased bundle hair before, and I was very pleased with the product. It is soft and the curls looked so natural and not stiff. I had applied it to a wig I had purchased else that was very thin and ugly. I applied just a couple of layers and it looks so nice. I�m in the process of dying it a complicated color that looks like it was bleached by the sun liked it did when I was a child mixed in with sandy brown. I�m not a professional but I know how to blend colors as if the sun did it. And this bundle of gentle curls that are not stiff. A cheap price for such an expensive looking hair!